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We want a better understanding of the composition of the primary care workforce in Greater Manchester to support improved workforce planning, development and retention.

To support this we need providers to complete a simple workforce data set on an agreed reporting schedule beginning 18th July 2022.

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The programme has been co-designed by key stakeholder providers from across primary care.


To ensure that we can address current and future workforce challenges colaboratively.

Better Together

Better together across Dentistry, General Practice, Optometry and Pharmacy.

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The problem

Data collection and quality of workforce data has been inconsistent and intermittent across Primary Care:

  • General Practice are formally contracted to update their data at least monthly through the NWRS.
  • Data collection in Pharmacy, Optometry and Dentistry is not contracted and has rarely been gathered consistently or in any great depth other than the COVID SitRep.
  • The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has seen an unprecedented, continued pressure across primary care. These pressures coupled with historical recruitment and retention problems are potential barriers to success in this project.

The solution

To address this we aim to improve the frequency and quality of the workforce data already submitted for General Practice through the NWRS. We are also introducing a new data collection process for wider primary care to provide aggregate data for selected professions around number of hours worked, age range and number of vacancies.


  • Improved workforce planning
  • Better recruitment and retention
  • Succession planning
  • Identify gaps in skills and roles
  • Supports local HEE offers and national incentives
  • Parity across Primary Care domains
  • Future opportunities in VWIS for workforce planning

Workforce Champion

GM Workforce Champions are volunteers based in Dental Practices, General Practices, Optometrists and Pharmacies who promote the new wider primary care data collection system known as Primary Care Workforce Data – Better Together.

Workforce Data Facilitator

The GM Workforce Data Facilitator is a temporary, part-time place-based role responsible for the implementation of the new wider primary care data collection system. They also support General Practice NWRS data submission improvements in their locality.

If you are interested in the role of GM Workforce Data Facilitator, please download and complete the expression of interest form as accurately as possible and send to

Workforce data reporting schedule

Discipline Month Link sent out Submission date
Optometry July 2022 18th July 2022 1st August 2022
Optometry August 2022 18th August 2022 1st September 2022
Pharmacy N/A N/A N/A
Optometry September 2022 18th September 2022 1st October 2022
Pharmacy N/A N/A N/A
Optometry October 2022 18th October 2022 1st November 2022
Optometry November 2022 18th November 2022 1st December 2022
Pharmacy N/A N/A N/A
Optometry December 2022 18th December 2022 4th January 2023
Pharmacy N/A N/A N/A
Optometry January 2023 18th January 2023 1st February 2023