GM Primary Care Workforce Bank

Ths page provides answers to some frequently asked questions about the new Greater Manchester Primary Care Workforce Bank in place from 1st October 2022.

To start using the GM Workforce Bank follow these 3 steps:

  1. Register with the GM Primary Care website at
    Remember to tick the checkbox labelled Workforce Bank Passport under the field titled Your GM Primary Care Passport/s
  2. Log in to your GM Workforce Bank Passport at and upload your employment documentation
  3. Register and book your shifts on the GM Workforce Bank at

For practices requiring staff

Is there a cost to the new GM Primary Care Workforce Bank for providers?

Practices will pay for the shifts filled as a direct payment to the locum, however use of the bank as a facility carries no additional cost to the practice.

Will the system be responsive to issues and urgent shift changes?

Yes. A dedicated service / relationship administrator has been employed to ensure that the bank will be maintained and up to date at all times, as well as managing the requests from practices.

What staff range and disciplines are included on the new GM Primary Care Workforce Bank?

In the first instance, the bank will provide a robust service for GP cover.

For staff wanting to join the Bank

Do I have to do anything?

Yes, if you would like to join the GM Primary Care Workforce Bank, please contact us at

Please note: You will be able to continue on the bank held by Lantum as well as joining the Greater Manchester bank, this is not an either or arrangement giving greatest opportunity for placement and sessions being filled for Greater Manchester.

Can I use my phone to book shifts?

Not just yet, however a phone app is under development to improve ease of use. In the meantime, the service will be available via online booking which will be sent to you once you express interest via email to

Will Lantum still be available?

Yes, Lantum will still be available as an option to use, however there will be an independent cost to the practice using that service.

Can I be registered for both?

Yes, however if you are a provider there will be a cost with Lantum.