Seasonal flu vaccination update training webinar

The Greater Machester seasonal flu vaccination update training for 2023/24 webinar took place on 12th September 2023 via MS Teams. It was presented by Tracy Kirk, Director, Primary Care Respiratory Training Centre, and forms an integral part of the 2023/24 Greater Manchester flu vaccination programme.

Please note that the vaccination advice given in this webinar and the accompanying breakout webinars was correct at the time of filming on the 12th September 2023.

The transcription of the audio tracks to create the subtitles that accompany the videos was automated and may contain errors. Please email if you would like us to correct any errors that you encounter.

Updating your flu vaccination skills

The flu vaccination elearning modules on the elearning for healthcare website are available to all vaccinators and will provide the required update for experienced flu vaccinators. Practitioners should not view updating their flu vaccination knowledge and competencies as a one off event at the start of the flu season but as a continuous process supported by various resources.

Please see the flu immunisation training recommendations for the 2023 to 2024 flu season and the summary of training requirements by workforce group for flu vaccination

If you attended this webinar you will receive a copy of your attendance certificate by email. If you were unable to attend the webinar you can watch a recording of the webinar below. Then please follow the steps below to obtain your certificate.

  1. Log in to your Immunisation and Vaccination Passport
  2. Under the section labelled ‘Immunisation and vaccination training’ click the link labelled ‘Edit your immunisation and vaccination training’
  3. Select Yes if you want to be part of the GM Flu Vaccination Programme administering the flu vaccine to reveal the flu vaccination fields as shown below
  4. Select Yes if you attended the flu vaccination update training webinar on 12/09/2023 or watched a recording of it
  5. Enter the date when you attended or watched the webinar
  6. Click the Update button
  7. Within 24 hours your flu vaccination webinar certificate will be uploaded to your passport
Screenshot showing the steps that people need to complete to make sure that a flu vaccination webinar certificate is uploaded to their Immunisation and Vaccination Passport

You can watch recordings of the three breakout webinar sessions that followed below.

Childhood immunisations

Adult immunisations

Managing a quality immunisation clinic

Greater Manchester Immunisation and Vaccination Passport logo

Please also review the following resources: