Non-Clinical Workforce Programme

The Greater Manchester Non-Clinical Workforce Programme aims to promote a foundation standard for non-clinical roles supporting the delivery of care in primary care.

Each member of staff that enrols on the programme will be given a passport that provides links to training, enabling them to keep a digital record of the training that they have completed.

The training aims to support both core skills and competencies as well as ongoing continuing professional development (CPD).

Greater Manchester Non-Clinical Workforce Passport

Once you are enrolled on the Non-Clinical Workforce Programme you will receive a GM Non-Clinical Workforce Passport.

You can review the passport without enrolling, by logging in using our test account details below
username: tillyflop
password: 8aK&FY9*eD45

Additional links to resources are provided to enable staff to tailor their learning and development to their individual and/or organisational needs. The passport is therefore not a definitive list of training required for individual roles, but should be used as a resource to support appraisal and personal development planning in discussion with your line manager.

The General Practice Non-Clinical Workforce Passport is based on a generic pathway from new entrant through to senior management and partnership roles. Training is aligned to support different levels within the pathway. A set of standardised job descriptions have also been created to support the roles described within the pathway.

Greater Manchester General Practice Non-Clinical Workforce Pathway showing the different non-clinical roles from new entrant through to senior management and partnership roles