GPN Fellowship

The Greater Manchester General Practice Nurse (GPN) Fellowship Programme will offer one session per week (pro rota) protected learning time over 2 years to nurses who are new to primary care.

Please note that the Fellowship Programme is for newly qualified nurses who have qualified within the last 12 months and those nurses who are new to primary care, perhaps transitioning from another nursing role, and who hold a salaried role within general practice.

This will support induction into practice, primary care network (PCN) and the integrated care system (ICS) as well as give you access to a peer support group and coaching.

You will be given the opportunity to develop portfolio working within your PCN as well as a learning and development programme to help you develop your skills as a GPN.

General Practice Nurse

Enrol on the GPN Fellowship
Please complete the enrolment form to join the GPN Fellowship Programme.

Greater Manchester General Practice Nurse (GPN) Fellowship Passport

Each nurse who enrols on the programme will receive a GPN Fellowship Passport to keep a digital record of the skills they have acquired and the training they have completed.

The passport structure reflects the structure of the programme to support induction and each of the four modules.

GPN Fellowship toolkit

The GPN Fellowship toolkit hosted by the GM Training Hub provides Nurses with more information about the structure of the programme. It provides access to useful resources to support induction and for each module of the programme.

Nurses can use the toolkit to book a place on a range of masterclasses, listen to podcasts and watch videos to support their learning.

The programme is flexible so that Nurses can access masterclasses and undertake learning activities at different times to suit their schedule.