Greater Manchester Diabetes Care Passport
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The GP Excellence Programme in partnership with the Personalised Care Institute are offering a person-centred diabetes care training programme to all Greater Manchester Practice Nurses and Healthcare Assistants.

The blended diabetes care learning programme covers 4 core subject areas:

  • Shared decision making
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Creating a high-quality person-centred support plan
  • SNOMED training

Read more information about the learning modules on the GP Excellence section of the GM Primary Care Provider Board website. For enquiries, please email

Greater Manchester Diabetes Care Passport

To support this all learners will receive a Greater Manchester Diabetes Care Passport to provide an ongoing record of the person-centred diabetes care training that they have completed.

To obtain a passport please register with this website and remember to tick the checkbox labelled Diabetes Care Passport under the field labelled Your GM Primary Care Passport/s.

The Diabetes Care Passport also contains additional links to patient safety training and statutory and mandatory training to support continuing professional development.

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