The Greater Manchester Screening and Immunisation Team run over 30 immunisation programmes and 11 national screening programmes across the region. These programmes cover the whole life course, from before birth right the way through to the very end of life.

GPs, pharmacies, opticians, dentists, midwives, schools and school nurses, health visitors, district nurses, hospitals, NHS and Social Care staff and care homes, and many others play their part in supporting uptake and ensuring these programmes are safe and effective.

We have a generic team email address predominantly used for clinical enquiry advice (this is manned 10-4pm every day, queries are audited and we aim to respond within 48 hours).

Patient Group Directions

GP consultation

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) provide a legal framework for the supply and/or administration of medicines by a range of qualified healthcare professionals.

Immunisation PGDs authorised by GMHSCP can be accessed here.

Seasonal influenza

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Seasonal influenza (flu) is an unpredictable but recurring pressure that the NHS faces every winter. Vaccination offers the best protection.

With the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that this year’s annual flu vaccination programme is safely and effectively delivered to as many of those eligible as possible in order to protect those at risk.

Tackling health inequalities

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The GM SIT have developed a programme of key activities to address health inequalities across the city region to ensure that everyone can understand the benefits of taking up the screening and immunisation offer, and that people can access screening and immunisation no matter where they live in Greater Manchester.