COVID-19 vaccination training

This page provides the details of the COVID-19 vaccination training products that are included on the GM COVID-19 clinical skills assessment and GM COVID-19 Vaccination Passport.


Covid-19 vaccine specific


Basic adult and paediatric life support

Basic life support training and use of an AED

Community CPR in the COVID-19 world webinar at The webinar considers how CPR should be conducted in a community setting by healthcare professionals. This training is optional and in addition to Basic adult and paediatric life support training.

Statutory and mandatory training

COVID-19 vaccine(s) and administering under the National Protocol

Face to face training amalgamated with COVID-19 specific training, using the Public Health England (PHE) slide set and other supportive materials at

COVID-19 vaccinator competency assessment

Face to face training at a local training pod site to be completed using the COVID-19 vaccinator competency assessment