COVID-19 Vaccination

GP giving injection

Hundreds of people have already stepped forward to support vaccination across Greater Manchester, including NHS staff and those who have returned to their profession at this time of need. We’ve made a great start and now we’re looking for more people to join us as we continue to increase the number of doses we deliver. 

We will be providing three different delivery methods:

  • Hospital hubs 
  • Vaccination centres – large sites convenient for transport networks
  • Local vaccine services – provided by GPs and Pharmacies

There are lots of ways you can support the vaccination programme, more information below. If you require support please email

support the GM COVID-19 vaccination programme

GP consultation

The Greater Manchester Primary Care team are working to increase the workforce to support the Primary Care locality COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Anyone wishing to join the programme should register to join this website. This will give you access to a GM COVID-19 Vaccination Passport which provides on ongoing record of your vaccination training.

Join the GM Workforce bank hosted by Lantum

GP consultation

If you are already registered with Lantum, sign in at and you will automatically be aligned to the GM vaccination bank.

If you are new to Lantum, please register at

Upskill to support the PROGRAMME

GP giving injection

You are encouraged to complete the eLfH elearning training programmes listed on the COVID-19 Vaccination Training page.

You can upload your elearning training certificates onto your GM COVID-19 Vaccination Passport.

Attend a local training pod

When you attend a local training pod to undertake a COVID-19 competency assessment you will need to provide evidence of the vaccination training that you have completed.

The easiest way to do this is to upload your elearning training certificates onto your GM COVID-19 Vaccination Passport.

Your GM COVID-19 Vaccination Passport will enable you participate in the vaccine rollout across Greater Manchester.

GM COVID-19 Vaccination Passport